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yamaha 70 hp

2019 Yamaha 70 HP F70LA Outboard Motor


  • Engine Type: Yamaha F70LA Four Stroke
  • Horsepower: 70 hp
  • Cylinders: 4 cyl
  • Shaft Length: 20″
  • Steering: Remote Mech
  • Starter: Electric
  • Weight: 253 lbs
  • Full Throttle Range: 5300 – 6300 rpm
  • Displacement: 996cc
  • Induction System: EFI
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • We recently got to review a Stessco Renegade 480, pretty much straight from the factory. This aluminium boat was by a Yamaha F70 outboard, a marine engine that was far from a big and beefy chunk of mega horsepower on the back of our test. The Stessco Renegade 480’s deep transom and high sides just about hid the motor from view.

    Yamaha F70

    Cosmetically, the Yamaha F70 is a slimline, compact and very stylish looking package that’s proved to be one of Yamaha’s top motors since it was released in 2010. The 16-valve SOHC inline four-cylinder packs a healthy 996cc of compact grunt, weighs in at a mere 119kg, and to date has produced some really impressive fuel efficiency numbers on various boats.

    So would it produce the goods on the Stessco Renegade 480, which weighed in at just short of a tonne?

    Holeshot for yamaha 70 hp

    Spinning a 13.5in x 15in alloy prop, the Yamaha F70 whipped the Renegade 480 from rest to 40km/h (21.59kt) in 8.43 seconds – taking a distance of 52.94m. That’s not bad going at all and is definitely a perky holeshot considering the boat’s size and weight.


    Knocking the hammer down to WOT, the Yamaha F70 outboard motor is responsive and cranks up to an impressive top end of 30.34kt at 6000rpm, more than adequate for a boat of this size and style. The F70 is also far from harsh on the ears at 6000rpm and you can have a reasonable conversation without having to scream at each other. It’s also very economical at WOT – sipping a cheap 22L/h or 2.5km/L.

    Cruising performance for yamaha 70 hp

    Dropping back on the throttle down to 4000rpm gives the optimum cruise speed of 33.8km/h (18.25kt), sipping away at 10.1L/h or achieving a distance of 3.35km/L. This kind of economy will get you approximately 254km out of a tank that’s 95 per cent full, which would be quite a few local trips on the water before topping up at the bowser.

    Yamaha Comand Link 6YC for yamaha 70 hp

    Adding to the F70’s impressive performance and economy, Yamaha has recently released its new Command Link 6YC colour HD LCD gauge and the new 703 remote control.

    The Command-Link 6YC is now compatible with all Yamaha EFI outboards, from the F30 all the way to the Yamaha F350 and is suitable for single and twin applications. The slim flush-mount gauge has a good-sized screen and tracks engine revs, fuel levels, fuel burn, fuel economy, engine water pressure, surface water temperature and more besides.

    The new 703 remote control box will most certainly please Yamaha users as it features an updated appearance, new ergonomic grip, new reversible handle for use on right-hand or left-hand installations, as well as the new rotatable grip allowing operation of the power trim and tilt switch with the thumb of either hand. The updated color scheme then complements the rest of the Yamaha rigging line.

    Yamaha F70LA verdict

    The Stessco Renegade 480 and Yamaha F70 were a well-matched boat and motor combo – and a surprising one at that. The colourful wrap added to the cosmetic appeal of the boat, the space and layout was a big win for open fishability and the impressive performance most certainly added to the overall package.

    It makes for a good lure-fishing platform and it’s not a bad option as a family boat either; it has extra seating capability and is well suited to bays, estuaries and dams alike.

    To top it off, the Stessco Renegade 480 coupled with the Yamaha F70 would make for an economical boat to run, as well as an easy one to maintain, at just under $35,000 for the combo. Considering the Yamaha F70LA price ($10,412) for the engine alone, its pricing is not bad considering the size of boat, motor and standard accessory inclusions.

    Yamaha F70LA / Yamaha F70LX specs

    Yamaha F70LA price: $10,412 RRP

    Yamaha F70XA price: $10,671 RRP

    ENGINE TYPE Four-stroke, 16-valve SOHC in-line four-cylinder outboard motor with EFI


    BORE X STROKE 65 X 75mm

    RECOMMENDED MAX RPM 5300 – 6300


    GEAR RATIO 2.33:1

    PROPELLER 13.5in X 15in alloy


    LEG LENGTH 20in (F70LA), 25in (F70LX)

    WEIGHT 119kg (F70LA), 121kg (F70LX)


    Yamaha F70LA outboard motor sea trials 

    Yamaha F70LA, Stessco 480 Renegade two people, 70L fuel, 13.5” X 15” alloy propeller. Range calculated leaving 10 percent in reserve.

    1000rpm reaches a speed of 3.19kt with fuel burn of 1.3L/hr and economy of 2.45nm/L for a range of 178.22nm

    3500rpm reaches a speed of 14.74kt with fuel burn of 9L/hr and economy of 1.64nm/L for a range of 119.12nm

    6000rpm reaches a speed of 30.35kt with fuel burn of 22.5L/hr and economy of 1.35nm/L for a range of 98.09nm

    F70LA Yamaha 4 Stroke 70hp Long Shaft EFI OUTBOARD

    The new F70 is a further development of the F60, sharing the same displacement and stroke. The engine is lighter than any competitive four stroke or direct injected two stroke motor in the 70 – 75 horsepower class. The F70 achieves this by its unique four valves per cylinder design activated by a single overhead camshaft rather than the conventional dual camshaft design for 16 valve engines. This reduces the weight that would result from having an extra camshaft and the components that go with it.

    For a remarkably light engine, the F70 punches well above its weight. Four valves per cylinder have dramatically increased this engines volumetric efficiency – the efficiency with which the engine can draw fuel and air in and push exhaust out of the cylinders.  Increasing this efficiency means the F70 is able to run at a higher rpm with the max operating RPM being increased to 6300rpm. The resulting top end performance will be great for boaters who want to get to their favourite spot first – and who doesn’t?

    Brisbane Yamaha has an experienced team of Yamaha-trained service technicians who specialise in outboard fit-outs. We offer exceptional service and have Australia’s best Yamaha outboard prices, ask around… we know our customers and we know Yamaha. It is why Brisbane Yamaha is one of Australia’s largest Yamaha dealers.

    Please note:  Yamaha Australia requires that all Yamaha outboards sold must be fitted by the selling Yamaha dealership. This is the only way to protect your warranty and guarantees the best performance from your Yamaha outboard.

    Available in:

    • F70LA – Electric Start, Tilt System – Electric Start, Transom height – Long
    • F70XA– Electric Start, Tilt System – Electric Start, Transom height – Extra-Long
    • F70LHA – Electric Start,Tiller Handle, Tilt System – Electric Start, Transom height – Long

    General Features:

    • Remarkably light engine
    • Single Overhead Camshaft designed for 16 valve
    • Impressive 6300rpm

    Price includes:

    • Outboard
    • Water test
    • Free prop exchange

    Price does not include:

    • Yamaha Alloy Prop
    • Yamaha 703 Side Control Box and Yamaha looms/wiring
    • 2x Yamaha multi function digital gauges(Tacho and Speedo, Fuel level, Battery level, Trim, Hours, Warnings, etc)
    • Battery, Steering, Fuel filter, Fuel tank
    • Fitting(dependent on boat configuration – as a guide $500 to $750 for a single outboard of this size)
    • Trim limiter(if required)


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