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honda 15 hp

For smaller 12 to 16 Ft. boats, the BF15 and BF20 are as convenient as you can get. At just 110 Lbs., they are among the lightest in their class. Yet they‘re all Honda DNA: quiet, reliable, fuel efficient, and loaded with features. Like the highest output charging system in their class, giving you plenty of power for all your electronics, even when trolling. Or large displacement for a powerful performance. Choose the BFP power thrust design for even more boost, with 60% more thrust in reverse and 15% more in forward.

  • Reliable, efficient 4-stroke design
  • All Honda Marine engines exceed the highest CARB 3-star rating to meet the rigorous California air resource board’s standards
  • Honda’s true 5 warranty is the best in the business
  • High output charging – more power
  • Engine alert system – keeps you informed
  • 4-Front corrosion protection system – fights the elements
  • Longer tiller handle – better control
  • Auto start enrichment acts as an automatic choke
  • The extended handle is made of a lightweight composite, increasing its durability while decreasing the motor’s weight
  • Pendulum mount system – smooth operation
  • Convenient, up front tiller controls
  • World-renowned Honda quality combines proven reliability and superior fuel efficiency, with no oil mixing
  • EZ steer friction control
  • Shallow water drive
  • Conventional 2-circuit carburetors go directly from a lean mixture at idle to a rich setting at full throttle
  • Large displacement – better performance
  • At 21.4 cubic inches, the BF15 and 20 have one of the largest displacements in its class
  • Easy one hand starting
  • A built-in decompression release and digital CDI system set the BF15 and 20’s ignition timing
  • The lightest 4-stroke model in their class, the BF15 and 20 are easy to transport and convenient to mount
  • Available with power thrust design (BFP) – better performance for heavy loads
  • Ultra low 3 star CARB emissions

    Brief Summary of honda 15 hp

    It’s all about power and at 21.4 cubic inches, the Honda BF15 is the power king, with the largest displacement of any fifteen-horsepower outboard in the industry-and it’s also the lightest engine in its class.

    The Honda BF 15 is available in three different types: S, L and X. The information on this page represents the S type unless specified.

    Key Features of honda 15 hp

    • Power thrust 4-blade propeller creats 60% more thrust in reverse and 15% more in forward.
    • Additional exhaust relief about the cavitation plate allows the prop to run in clean, exhaust-free water, producing more thrust.
    • Easy one hand starting with the built-in decompression release and Digital CDI system set the ignition timing during start-up.
    • Engine alert system protects the engine from severe damage due to low oil, over-revving and overheating.
    • A convenient, foldaway carry handle is situated at the exact top/bottom balance point of the engine, so that the engine carries more easily in a level
    • 3-stage carburetion for better economy and smoother, stronger operation.
    • 3-year limited warranty

    Specifications of honda 15 hp

    TYPE OF ENGINE 4-Stroke
    WEIGHT 104.00lbs
    FUEL TYPE Gasoline
    FUEL DELIVERY Carbureted
    SHAFT LENGTH OPTIONS 15 in for S / 20 in for L / 25 in for X
    DISPLACEMENT 21.00cu in

    Captain’s Report

    Honda Outboards: Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Power & Associates
    Honda Marine once again raises the performance bar with the BF20 and BF15 outboard 4-stroke engines, perfect portable power choices for inflatable yacht tenders, small fishing boats, pontoon boats, or as backup power on larger fishing boats or sail boats. Weighing only 101 pounds, the BF20 and BF15 are the first 4-stroke outboards of their kind to weigh less than most of the other 9.9 horsepower (hp) motors on the market today. Also available in Power Thrust designs, the BFP20 and BFP15 models offer enhanced maneuverability and performance in either fresh or salt water.

    “The best boating depends on the right start, ease of maintenance, and maximum time on the water,” said Robin Senger, Honda Marine Marketing. “With the BF20 and the BF15 engines, the integration of easy starting, power and portability make these models popular choices for today’s sport angler.”

    In addition to being incredibly lightweight, all BF20 and BF15 models deliver both ease of maintenance and transport. With a long-stroke design and class-leading 350 cc (21.4 cu. in.) displacement, both engines are top performers, providing optimum torque throughout the rpm range. Additionally, an integrated carrying handle, easy one-hand starting and programmed ignition are offered as standard features.

    The BF20 and BF15 engines share a number of features and benefits that make the products the most technologically advanced in their class. The 4-Stroke Engine Design combines proven reliability and superior fuel efficiency, with no oil mixing. A PGM Ignition accurately controls ignition timing during start-up, providing optimum overall operation across the entire rpm range, while the Auto Start Enrichment feature automatically adjusts the air-fuel mixture for quick, easy starting and warm-up. In addition, the Engine Alert System is an integrated warning system that protects the engine from severe damage due to low oil, over-revving and overheating.
    A Foldaway Carrying Handle positioned at the exact top/bottom balance point of the BF20/BF15 engines enhances portability, and makes it easy to carry the engine in a level position. As with other Honda Marine engines, a Fresh Water Flushport works to flush debris and saltwater out of the engine and the patented 4-Front Corrosion Protection System features a double sealed multi-layered paint process.

    For increased control and reduced steering effort, the BF20/BF15 engine models are designed with Longer Tiller Handles made of a new lightweight composite for increased durability and weight reduction. Another unique lever design – the EZ Steer Friction Control – allows the operator to precisely adjust steering tension for improved control and comfort.

    Finally, a Shallow Water Drive (on manual trim models) allows boaters to run in shallow water while greatly reducing the risk of engine damage, while Positive Lubrication ensures critical engine component long-term durability.

    A Closer Look at Power Thrust of honda 15 hp

    The BF20/BF15 engine models are equipped with the Honda exclusive Power Thrust Design for enhanced performance and maneuverability. Both engines also feature Reverse Exhaust Relief, an additional exhaust outlet above the cavitation plate allowing the prop to run in clean, exhaust-free water. The ultimate result is more thrust.

    Honda Exclusive Design Elements
    Both the BF20 and BF15 engines feature a number of Honda design exclusives, including:

     Large Displacement, which provides optimum torque throughout the rpm range; both the BF20 and BF15 models, at 21.4 cubic inches, have the largest displacement in their class;

     Lightweight Design allowing for easy transport and convenient mounting to the hull; the BF15 model, in fact, is the lightest 4-stroke model in its class;

     High Output Charging (both models have the largest alternators in their class) maintains the bo


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