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Motor Specifications

  • Engine Type: Mercury 300HP Inline 8 Four Stroke
  • Horsepower: 300HP
  • Cylinders: V-8
  • Shaft Length: 20” (long)
  • Steering: Remote Mech
  • Starter: Electric
  • Weight: 527 lbs
  • Full Throttle Range: 5200-6000
  • Displacement: 4.6L
  • Trim System: Power Trim & Tilt
  • Induction System: EFI
  • Warranty: Mercury Marine 3-Year Warranty


    No Sacrifices, No Compromises, No Apologies

    Reliability, flexibility, power and efficiency – all within your reach. Backed by decades of marine power innovation and product leadership, Mercury V8 and V6 FourStroke outboards deliver legendary performance and forward-thinking technology. FourStroke outboards are built for any body of water and a wide variety of boats.


    TYPE OF ENGINE 4-Stroke
    WEIGHT 600.00lbs
    FUEL TYPE Gasoline
    SHAFT LENGTH OPTIONS 20″, 25″, 30″
    DISPLACEMENT 279.00cu in
    ALTERNATOR OUTPUT 115 Amps total
    CARB RATING 3-Star

    Overview of 300hp

    Mercury has introduced an all-new 4.6-liter (279 cubic inch) V8 engine. It’s 35 lbs. (16 kg) lighter — 600 lb. (272 ks.) rather than 635 lbs. (288 kgs.) — than the previous-generation Mercury Verado 300, which was an inline-6 configuration.

    The company says the naturally aspirated Verado will provide smooth, quiet power and optimize fuel economy. The powerhead is a large-displacement designed for more power and greater low- and mid-range torque, and for better acceleration.

    The new Verados are available in 250- and 300-horsepower ratings.

    Phantom Black is still offered, but there are also three different white engine colors as well. Four accent panels can liven up the package, as shown here from left, Graphite Grey, Mercury Silver, Pacific Blue, and Redline Red.
    Mercury Verado 4.6L V8
    The Mercury Verado 300 can be used in single- and multiple-engine installations.

    Mercury Verado: The Big Picture

    The concept driving the new Verado Series is to offer a compelling amount of power by means of displacement, fuel injection, and electronic engine control, rather than by a supercharger, as was done in the inline-6 engine platform. The electronic system is used to dial in fuel efficiency. It does this by controlling the fuel-air mixture in a closed-loop fuel system.

    For more torque at the low end and better hole-shot times, Mercury is using what is known as a “Transient Spark”, which the company says will give the engine 5% to 7% more torque at the low end.

    The V8 Verado outboards are available in 250- and 300-hp models, and use Mercury’s Advanced MidSection to reduce vibration and noise.

    The Verado takes its name from the famous L6 supercharged engine it replaces, but it is not supercharged and because of its large displacement, light weight and transient spark ignition, it doesn’t need to be. Nevertheless, it is Mercury’s premium engine of the four lines it offers – Verado, FourStroke, Pro XS, and SeaPro – and it has its own set of standard and optional features designed for its intended market.

    Intended Applications of 300hp

    Offshore Saltwater Fishing Boats. It has been specifically designed for saltwater in single and multi-engine applications for center consoles, express fish boats, and express cruisers where consumers want lots of quiet power. Because of Mercury Marine’s proprietary aluminum alloy, all Mercury products are generally considered to have the best anti-corrosion system on the market – which makes its units compelling in saltwater applications.

    Distinguishing Features Of 300hp

    Most notable is the fact that it comes standard with the Advanced MidSection, a 5.4” gearcase, electro-hydraulic power steering and additional sound abatement in its cowl. It is also the only Mercury recreational engine that can use the Joystick Piloting system. It also is available with electrically actuated exhaust cut-outs for those who want a throaty sound.

    The 5.4” gear hub comes standard on the Verado, and it has been proved over time to be reliable and able to stand up to the rigors of punishing offshore work at high speeds. The available joystick and the narrow profile of the Verado make it better adapted to multi-engine installation than wider engines.

    Mercury Verado 4.6L V8
    The new 300 Verado V8 in traditional Mercury Phantom Black looks slim and is. Here we see it on a Yellowfin 24 CE bay boat that is equipped with twin anchor poles. Note the hydraulic jackshaft.

    The Advanced MidSection is what makes the Verado heavier than the other 4.6L V-8 series engines that Mercury offers. This sophisticated design is an updated version of the one used on the first-generation Verados and proved successful. By damping vibration, these engines not only make the boats to which they are attached more comfortable to ride in but also because vibration sets up harmonics in the boat’s shell, it reduces noise.More Electrical Power. Offshore fishing boats are notorious for having every electronic device known to man aboard to give anglers a fighting chance to land fish. That, together with other electrically driven equipment, such as livewells and fishbox refrigeration, requires lots of power. That is why the new Verados have as standard equipment 115 amp alternators. Further, is has a feature that automatically raises the idle to produce 30 amps if the batteries are low.

    The green arrows point out the internal electro-hydraulic steering system that comes standard on the Verado engines.

    Electro-Hydraulic Steering

    Only the Verado among the new outboard engines that Mercury has introduced as the “electro-hydraulic” steering system. This is part of the outboard engine and is not an aftermarket, vendor-supplied piece of equipment such as the SeaStar hydraulic steering system that we see on most outboard engines in class.

    The advantages of this system are that it has been engineered by Mercury for this specific application and is not a one-design-fits-all piece of equipment. It is also made with Mercury’s corrosion-resistant materials, and is smaller than a SeaStar-type unit. Most important it integrates with the Mercury joystick and advantageous for multi-engine installations.

    The Premium Engine. The Verado is also compatible with all of Mercury Marine’s electronic features such as active trim, Advanced Range Optimization, Adaptive Speed Control, and Sport Exhaust. This makes it the premier engine series on the four distinctive lines.

    Mercury and Yamaha are now going mano-a-mano for the hearts and minds of the offshore fishing market. Mercury’s new Verado has a compelling story to tell.

    Yamaha Comparison

    Mercury Marine has taken dead aim at Yamaha, which has dominated the saltwater market for the last two decades. By forging exclusive supply arrangements with builders of offshore fishing boats, and because of the brand’s reputation for reliability, this market has been tough to crack by Yamaha’s four competitors.

    Virtually everything about the new Mercury has been to improve upon the Yamaha 250- to 300-horsepower engines for offshore work. Here is a list of comparative data points—


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